Dear fiancés,

the Yard Resort is a magical venue for your wedding in any season. Experience an unforgettable wedding day with your family and friends.
Here you will find a romantic environment of a garden with a pond as well as stylish interiors with a capacity for up to 150 people. If you are interested, please send us an email to or call +420 602 937 661.
We will be happy to help you plan your wedding day down to the smallest detail.


Wedding at Yard Resort

Yard Resort is perfect for weddings. Here you will find beautiful places for outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies and banquets. Accommodation is possible directly in the resort and for the newlyweds we have prepared a luxurious romantic suite with a whirlpool.


The front part of the garden with the pier offers a magical view of the pond and is shaded by old trees, which has its advantages in the hot summer. Access is from the courtyard of the complex a small gate by the stairs next to the cafe, which is an ideal place for serving a welcome drink and wedding guests near the ceremony site. The bride is hidden from the eyes of the wedding guests until the last moment and comes to the ceremony via a romantic bridge from the next garden, where she can be comfortably transported by car without being seen by anyone.

The back of the garden with the park is accessible via a golf parking lot or via a garden with a pier. This part of the garden is also located on the shore of a pond with a picturesque view of the old fortress. The bride comes across the dam of the pond that leads from the main building. The garden is large enough to accommodate large weddings.


The historic granary building is an ideal space for wedding festivities for weddings from 30 to 120 people, because its variability allows for a wide range of wedding table solutions in combination with a dance space and gastronomic facilities. However, the granary can also be used for the ceremony itself. The stylish space of the granary in a combination of wood and stone offers countless variants of decoration - from a rustic country to a wedding fluffy like cotton candy.

The hall on the first floor serves as a quiet zone usable, for example, for the projection of photographs, a photo corner, a changing room, a children's corner, etc. The granary has its own separate garden, where you will not be disturbed by normal traffic in the resort. The space of the yard can also be used for children, who can, for example, ride a bike / scooter, kick a ball, jump a shot or paint with chalk.


The cafe is suitable for more intimate weddings who prefer a less formal style.

Zumba bar

This space is designed as a ballroom with mirrors and the wooden floor contrasts beautifully with the industrial columns and ceilings. Zumba bar is destined for all types of parties.

Wedding reception

The wedding reception will only underline and complete the whole atmosphere of your wedding. We will be happy to prepare exactly the one that will suit you best - served or banquet, traditional or modern and stylish, but always one that you will be extremely satisfied with and will enjoy you and your guests!

We are also happy to provide not only a beautiful, but delicious wedding cake for a very reasonable price incl. transport, as well as wedding cakes, mini desserts and more.

You can make your wedding reception special, for example, with a bartender's show or a wine tasting with a sommelier.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremonies at the Yard Resort are performed by the registry office in Libeznice.

If this registry office cannot perform the wedding ceremony within the required date, nothing is lost yet. Try to contact:

  • reverend Samojsky, Prague Community of Unitarians,,
  • pastor Makovicka, Church without Borders, tel. 739 524 716

or clergy from the following churches:

For further information, calculation and booking please contact us at

Family celebrations and other gatherings

the public, we have a solution for you at Yard Resort. For smaller events you can use the space of a cafe or restaurant and for large events we have a beautiful garden, a stylish granary and other unique spaces.

Every order is a commitment for us and we try to meet your expectations to 200%.