Weddings and family celebrations

Weddings and family celebrations

Please write to us if you like the look of Yard Resort and are thinking of holding your wedding here! If you complete the following details, we will be delighted to draw up a provisional calculation for you and recommend a choice of premises for your wedding ceremony and reception.

  • anticipated time of ceremony
  • anticipated number of guests - if different please state separately number of guests invited to ceremony / lunch / evening
  • will you want to serve a welcome drink before the ceremony?
  • if so, alcoholic / non-alcoholic or both?
  • would you prefer the ceremony to be indoors or outdoors?
  • do you want a ceremonial arch?
  • do you want a toast with speeches at the beginning of the reception?
  • do you want a served lunch or buffet lunch?
  • do you want to invite all the guests to the table or just family; approximately how many people make up your family?
  • do you want to serve just beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding, or do you want to serve spirits as well?
  • if you want to serve spirits, please state which four types you and your friends drink most frequently

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