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Weddings and family celebrations

Weddings and family celebrations


The Granary

THE GRANARY is a historical two-storey building. The lower storey is often the main venue for wedding celebrations, while the upper storey is a more peaceful zone that can be used for projecting photographs, as a photography area, as a place where wedding guests can change, as a children's play area, etc.

We can seat as many as 120 wedding guests in comfort on the lower storey, with a reception, wedding cake, presents, and a band or DJ. This stylish venue, in a combination of wood and stone, offers unlimited possibilities for decoration - from a rustic rural style to a candyfloss wedding. The Granary has its own enclosed garden where you will be undisturbed by other events and activities at Yard Resort. The yard area can also be used as a play area for children, where they can ride bicycles and scooters, kick a football around, play hopscotch or do some chalk drawings - with no fear of there being any cars about.

The Granary is the ideal place for wedding festivities for 30 people or more as the variability of the venue allows for a wide range of wedding table arrangements along with a dance floor and catering facilities.



The Café is suitable for smaller weddings held in a less formal style. 

Zumba Bar

ZUMBA BAR - a venue with a slightly industrial feel ideal for all kinds of parties, DJ dance parties, live concerts, barman shows or dance performances. The venue is, in part, designed as a dance hall with mirrors and a wooden floor that provide a beautiful contrast to the industrial columns and roofs. This is the perfect place when the night really gets going, when wedding attire is swapped for something less formal and more comfortable, when women become beasts of prey and men become Fred Astaire.


THE GARDEN - a garden in the vicinity of the restaurant and neighbouring the granary. The garden is separated visually and physically from other areas. You can dine here with a view of the fishpond or hold a matchless wedding garden party! A number of modular marquees of a size of 6x3 metres can be erected here, and you can take advantage of the shade offered by mature pine trees in the corner of the garden to create the perfect place for children or older people. Wedding guests are certain to appreciate the fun provided by our putting green - we will be delighted to lend you clubs and balls for children and adults for a fee. It is essential to have a wet-weather option prepared in case of bad weather or sudden local showers – the best option in such case is the Granary or, even better, the Zumba Bar, where we recommend you head when it starts to get dark outside, though the night is still young!!! The Zumba Bar is the ideal place for dancing your wedding night away to the early hours of the morning.


A modern restaurant respecting the original farm architecture with large windows and a view onto fishponds, an embankment and a garden. An outdoor terrace on the bank of a fishpond makes up part of the restaurant. The restaurant can hold 40-60 people depending on its arrangement.

The Stable

The stable can be used as an indoor venue for wedding ceremonies or as a backup for outdoor ceremonies in the case of bad weather, or for wedding receptions. On hot days, you will particularly appreciate the cool interior the stable provides in the summer months. If you have dreamed of a romantic wedding as a prince and princess, then the stable is the right place for you, providing a touch of historical romance.

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