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III. etapa

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Weddings and family celebrations

Weddings and family celebrations


Yard Resort is ideal for your wedding - it offers not just beautiful places for holding your wedding ceremony outside, but also a number of backup alternatives in the case of rain and areas where a large marquee can be erected and modern catering facilities staged in various styles ensuring that we can meet the wishes of all your wedding guests.

Enjoy the most beautiful day of your life on our estate and have a look at the photographs taken at weddings that have already been held here for some inspiration.


This garden offers a magical view onto a fishpond and is shaded by aged trees, an indisputable advantage on a hot summer's day. A staircase to a small gate next to the café leads to the garden from the yard. It is also handily connected with the adjacent terrace and garden and the café facilities. The ideal place for serving a welcome drink and for the wedding guests to gather near to the site of the ceremony. The bride is hidden from view from the wedding guests and, most importantly, the groom until the last moment, and arrives at the ceremony over a romantic bridge from the neighbouring garden which she can easily reach by car without being seen by anyone.


The garden can be reached through the golf car park or through the pier garden. Like the first garden, it is located on the bank of a fishpond with a picturesque view of an old fort. The bride arrives over the fishpond embankment which leads from the main building. The garden is large enough for large weddings, though this is not to say that small weddings held here will not also have their own magic.


The former stable has beautiful vaulted roofs and a stately appearance and is often used for weddings in the cooler months or as a backup venue in the case of rain. We never lease the stable to anyone else on days on which weddings are held in the Yard Resort gardens. Wedding ceremonies are also held in the stable in the case of rain.


The Registry in Líbeznice performs civil wedding ceremonies at Yard Resort

All is not lost if the Registry in Líbeznice cannot perform your wedding ceremony at the time you would like! Try contacting:

Reverend Samojský, The Prague Unitarian Congregation

pastor Makovička, Church Without Borders, 739524716

Would you like more information about holding your wedding at Yard Resort? Contact us at

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